Seminar by – Bhaskar Dutta, Ashoka University and University of Warwick, 14th September, 2017 (Thursday) at 3:00 PM

  Coalition Formation and History Dependence. by Bhaskar Dutta Ashoka University and University of Warwick On 14th September 2017 (Thursday) at 3:00 PM Venue : Seminar Room (First Floor) Department of Economics, Delhi School of Economics All are cordially invited Abstract Farsighted formulations of coalitional formation, for instance by Harsanyi (1974) and Ray and Vohra(2015), have typically been based on the von Neumann- Morgenstern (1944) stable set. These farsighted stable sets use a notion of indirect dominance in which an outcome can be dominated by a chain of coalitional moves in which each coalition that is involved in the sequence

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