Working Papers

Working Paper - 334 (March 2023)
Chandril Bhattacharyya & Dibyendu Maiti

Title: Informal Sector, Innovation and Growth

Working Paper - 333 (January 2023)
Mausumi Das & Ajit Mishra

Title: Trust and Public Policy: Lessons from the Pandemic

Working Paper - 332 (January 2023)
Surender Kumar & Madhu Khanna
Title: Distributional heterogeneity in climate change impacts and adaptation: Evidence from Indian agriculture

Working Paper - 331 (December 2022)
Ram Singh

Title: Do the Wealthy Underreport their Income? Analysing Relationship between Wealth and Reported Income in India

Working Paper - 330 (November 2022)
Aditya Bhattacharjea, Kanika Pathania & Uday Bhanu Sinha
Title: Duty Inversion and Effective Protection: A Theoretical Analysis








Seminar by Rajiv Sethi (Columbia University)
Title: The Dynamics of Leverage and the Distribution of Wealth
Time:  Thursday, 16 March 2023 at 3:15 PM.
Venue:  AMEX Room