Working Papers

Working Paper - 344 (January 2024)
Ridwan Ah Sheikh & Sunil Kanwar
Title: Do Deep Trade Agreements with Intellectual Property Provisions Actually Increase International Trade?

Working Paper - 343 (December 2023)
Madhuri H.Shastry & Uday Bhanu Sinha
Title: Privatization and Licensing under Public Budget Constraint  

Working Paper - 342 (November 2023)
Naveen Kumar & Dibyendu Maiti
Title: Long-run macroeconomic impact of climate change on total factor productivity - Evidence from Emerging Economies

Working Paper - 341 (November 2023)
Qayoom Khachoo & Ridwan Ah Sheikh
Title: Do Preferential Trade Agreements Stimulate Non-Resident Patenting? Evidence from BRICS






Seminar By Francesco Parisi (University of Minnesota)
Title - Market for Gems: Information-forcing Effects of Non-Disclosure Rules
Time -Thursday, February 29, 2024, at 3:30 PM IST
Venue - Room no. 116