Working Papers

Working Paper - 351 (July 2024)
Ridwan Ah Sheikh & Sunil Kanwar
Title: Revisiting the Impact of TRIPS on IPR-intensive Export Flows: Evidence from Staggered Difference-in-Differences

Working Paper - 350 (July 2024)
Francesco Parisi & Ram Singh
Title: Decisiveness, Correctness and Accuracy in Criminal Adjudication

Working Paper - 349 (May 2024)
Sudhir A. Shah

Title: A dual formulation of bidding behaviour in sealed bid auctions

Working Paper - 348 (May 2024)
Renu Bansal & Dibyendu Maiti

Title: Capital Inflow, Strategic Subcontracting, and Formal Employment

Working Paper - 347 (April 2024)
Sudhir A. Shah
Title: Money-metric valuation of assets

Working Paper - 346 (April 2024)
Giuseppe Dari-Mattiacci, Sander Onderstal, Francesco Parisi, and Ram Singh
Title: Optimal (Non-) Disclosure Defaults

Working Paper - 345 (March 2024)
Naveen Kumar & Dibyendu Maiti
Title: The Dynamic Causal Impact of Climate Change on Economic Activity - A Disaggregated Panel Analysis of India






Seminar By Kiriti Kanjilal (IIIT Delhi))
Title - Merger Guidelines in Polluting Industries: When Do They Matter?
Time -Thursday, July 25, 2024, at 3:30 PM IST
Venue - Amex Room 

Seminar By Manshu Khanna (Peking University)
TitleAffirmative Action’s Cumulative Fractional Assignments
Time -Thursday, August 1, 2024, at 3:30 PM IST
Venue - Amex Room