Working Papers

Working Paper - 288 (May 2018)
Title:  On Existence and Properties of Pure-strategy Equilibria under Contests 
By - Sakshi Gupta and Ram Singh

Working Paper - 287 (Apr. 2018)
Title: Shadow Price of CO2 Emissions in Indian Thermal Power Sector
By - Rakesh Kumar Jain and Surender Kumar 

Working Paper - 286 (Apr. 2018)
Title:  ICT, Leisure Externality and Wellbeing
By - Dibyendu Maiti 

Working Paper - 285 (Mar. 2018)
Title:  Trends and Patterns in Labour Quality in India at Sectoral Level
By - K L Krishna, Suresh Chand Aggarwal, Bishwanath Goldar, Deb Kusum Das, Abdul A Erumban and Pilu Chandra Das