Centre for Development Economics, Delhi School of Economics

in collaboration with Norwegian Institute of International Affairs (NUPI) 


TIK (Centre for Technology, Innovation and Culture) at the University of Oslo.


Two-day Workshop on

Economics of ICTs (Information and Communication Technologies):  

Transformation, Digital Divides and Development

Date: 22-23 February 2018

Funded by the Research Council of Norway

ICTs are fundamentally transforming all societies, including business, government and consumption. It helps to raise efficiency, bring down hardship, reduce information gaps, cut down the barriers of distance and remoteness, integrate nations, save time, offer knowledge and spill-overs, improve governance and transparency, empower weaker groups, and much more. At the workshop, we are interested in research contributions that shed light on these economic effects of ICTs.

Second, notwithstanding the gains, ICTs have also exposed new challenges and risks in securing individual and institutional rights, work-life balances, security of personal data and bringing a new form of danger, like cyber crime. Such transformations, instigated by ICTs, also affect the functioning of markets, governance, institutions and private lives, and may affect the total welfare impact of ICTs. At the workshop, we also welcome contributions taking into account such broader effects of ICTs.

Third, it is evident that the access to and use of ICT substantially varies across individuals, income groups, age groups, rural vs. urban areas, sectors, regions and countries for various reasons, which seem to have created a digital divide in the society. How severe are these digital divides, how do they evolve over time and what are the determinants and implications? For emerging and developing societies, key issues are whether ICTs lead to convergence or a growing digital divide within and across nations; and what role countries such as India play in the global ICT-related value chains.

Fourth, the functioning of the markets for ICT goods and services is in itself a key issue for development. These markets are often subject to public regulation and sometimes dominated by a limited number of domestic companies. Technology may be imported from multinational companies, whereas distribution takes place through wider chains of retailers and informal agents. Are these markets efficient; and are they conducive to innovation, development and the dissemination of ICTs in society?

This workshop invites researchers working in India and Asia to contribute on the economics of ICTs; with focus on India but also welcoming contributions on China or global perspectives. Selected papers will be published in an edited book or a special volume of a reputed journal.

We are particularly interested in themes such as:

  • ICT digital divides; their magnitude, increase or convergence; between countries, regions, income and age groups, rural vs. urban areas, formal-informal, organized-unorganized and among sectors, poor and unemployed persons.
  • ICT impact on economic growth, productivity, consumption and investment. ICT innovation and absorptive capacity.
  • ICT impact on trade costs, the death of distance, marketing, an organisation of markets and production, and value chains.
  • Digitalization of institutions and public services. Institutional transformation and its changes (taxation, public financing and distribution, corruption, transparency, democracy, speculative markets).
  • Markets for and production, intermediation and distribution of ICT goods and services.

In all these areas we invite research papers focusing on economic effects but also including, where relevant, welfare and ethical perspectives.

 Important dates:

  • Deadline for submitting full papers: 31st October 2017 (extended to 15th November 2017). All papers must be submitted online (Click here). In case any problem of submitting the paper, please submit directly at ict@econdse.org
  • The notification date of acceptance: 10th December 2017
  • The last date of revised submission: 31st December
  • Conference dates: 22-23 February 2018.

 Participation and cost coverage:  One author of each selected paper will be invited to make the presentation. For the presenters, costs for domestic travel, accommodation (three nights and two days) and foods for the participation in the workshop will be covered the organizer.

Workshop Convener

Centre Develpment of Economics
Delhi School of Economics
Email: ict@econdse.org
Ph: +91-11-27008135

Do not hesitate to contact the convener in a case of any query and clarification.