Centre for Development Economics
Department of Economics, Delhi School of Economics


One-day Workshop on ‘Trade and Development’

Date: 23rd October 2017

Intellectual debates on international trade and its implication on economic growth and development have been moving fast along with the pace of global integration. Scholars have got renewed interests with the emergence of ‘New trade theory’. As an economy is exposed towards various odd impediments to the external, the current of an anti-globalisation move is also thriving fast across the world, especially among the practitioners. This part, anecdotal evidence suggests that gains from trade and distributive benefits among various sections and segments have not been uniform across countries in reality. Interaction of insights appearing out of such intellectual discourse for the practitioners and the current strategies and practices deployed by countries all over the world facing the realities seems to be immensely important for the advancement of the understanding and practices to address these issues.

In view of the above, we plan to hold a series of workshops and academic events on issues pertaining to the question of trade and development at the Delhi School of Economics (DSE). This initiative would benefit the scholars, researchers, students and practitioners working in this field.  A few eminent scholars in this field will present their works. In addition, there will be a panel discussion tentatively titled ‘The Upsurge in Mobility Restrictions across Border: Anti-Globalisation?’ Representatives from academics, government organisation, international agencies, and private sector will speak on the panel.

Speakers and panellists:

For further information, please contact Convenors, e-mail:

Dibyendu Maiti, Delhi School of Economics (dibyendu@econdse.org)

Uday Bhanu Sinha, Delhi School of Economics (uday@econdse.org)

Please click here to register. The last date of registration is October 1, 2017.