Working Papers 2020

Working Paper 313 (October 2020)Endogeneity Corrected Stochastic Frontier with
Market Imperfections
By – Dibyendu Maiti and Chiranjib Neogi
Working Paper 312
(August 2020)
Does Stringency of Lockdown Affect Air Quality? Evidence from Indian
By –
Surender Kumar and Shunsuke Managi

Working Paper 311
(July 2020)
A Fat Subsidy and its Impact on Edible Oil Consumption: Evidence from India
By – Jaya Jumrani and J. V. Meenakshi

Working Paper 310
(July 2020)
A Theory of Progressive Lending
By – Dyotona Dasgupta and Dilip Mookherjee
Working Paper 309
(June 2020
Role of Time Preferences in Explaining the Burden of Malnutrition: Evidence from Urban India
By –Archana Dang
Working Paper 308
(June 2020)
Unraveling of Value-Rankings in Auctions with Resale
By – Sanyyam Khurana
Working Paper 307
(April 2020)
Culture and Market: A Macroeconomic Tale of Two Institutions
By –Priyanka Arora & Mausumi Das
Working Paper 306
(Mar. 2020)
Cost of CO2 Emission Mitigation and its Decomposition: Evidence from Coal-fired Thermal Power Sector in India
By – Surender Kumar & Rakesh Kumar Jain
Working Paper 305
(Feb. 2020)
Does Climate Change Make Foodgrain Yields More Unpredictable? Evidence from India
By – Saumya Verma, Shreekant Gupta & Partha Sen
Working Paper 304
(Feb. 2020)
Asymmetric Auctions with Risk-Averse Preferences
By – Sanyyam Khurana