Working Papers 2023

Working Paper 343 (December  2023 )Privatization and Licensing under Public Budget Constraint  
By – Madhuri H.Shastry & Uday Bhanu Sinha
Working Paper 342 (November  2023 )Long-run macroeconomic impact of climate change on total factor productivity – Evidence from Emerging Economies
By – Naveen Kumar & Dibyendu Maiti
Working Paper 341
(November 2023
Do Preferential Trade Agreements Stimulate Non-Resident Patenting? Evidence from BRICS
By – Qayoom Khachoo & Ridwan Ah Sheikh
Working Paper 340
(November 2023
The Political Economy of Intellectual Property Piracy: Do the Special 301 Pressures Matter?
By – Sunil Kanwar
Working Paper 339
(October 2023
Heterogeneous effect of the Indian affirmative action: The role of caste certificates
By – Sugata Bag,  Suman Seth, Barnali Basak
Working Paper 338 (August  2023 )Information-Forcing Effects of Non-Disclosure Rules
By – Giuseppe Dari-Mattiacci, Sander Onderstal,
Francesco Parisi, & Ram Singh
Working Paper 337 (June  2023 )General dualities between best replies and undominated action
By – Sudhir A. Shah
Working Paper 336 (May  2023 )The Social Equilibrium of Relational Arrangements
By -Parikshit Ghosh & Debraj Ray
Working Paper 335 (May  2023 )Does Financial Inclusion Enhance Tax Revenue: Indian Experience
By -Surender Kumar & Paramjit
Working Paper 334 (March  2023 )Informal Sector, Innovation and Growth 
By – Chandril Bhattacharyya & Dibyendu Maiti
 Working Paper 333       (January  2023 ) Trust and Public Policy: Lessons from the Pandemic
By -Mausumi Das & Ajit Mishra
Working Paper 332 (January  2023 )Distributional heterogeneity in climate change impacts and adaptation: Evidence from Indian agriculture
By – Surender Kumar & Madhu Khanna